LAGOM just the right blend of scandinavia

LARGE (大) - HKD390.00 each

SMALL (細) - HKD290.00 each


They are created by ULRIKA STEIJNER OLSSON, an artist who is now living in Halmstad, Sweden.

Ulrika found some people are too stressful by taking up all the burden from their work, their family but with nobody to share with.. TROUBLE TAKER is the one she created to listen to your troubles & take them away from you. 

The Troubletakes are made by hand from stoneware, glazed & burned in a raku-oven. Ulrika mixes  the ceramic glaze with water from ALFREDS SPRING in Halmstad. 

Here below is what Ulrika shares with you how to use TroubleTaker

​"Hold the figure in your hand, for the best effect whisper your daily rumination & troubles or just think them. 

​Place the figure in any location where it can dwell for you. Continue other activities. 

​Repeat if necessary, practice makes perfect. 

Unlimited shelf. No battery or power resources required. Source sorted as filler. "