High Fire ceramics, Stoneware, Engobe, Glaze

Funny eyes, lovely faces

​Much smaller in size

Sizes - from 12cm (H) x 9cm (L)

to 16cm (H) x 16cm (L)

HKD3,000.00 each


High Fire Ceramics, Stoneware, Engobe, Glaze

Size - 20cm (H) x 28cm (L)


LAGOM just the right blend of scandinavia


High Fire Ceramics, Stoneware, Engobe, Glaze

Size - 20cm (H) x 27cm (L)



High Fire ceramics, Stoneware, Engobe, Glaze

Size - 24.5cm (H) x 24cm (L)



​HKD150.00 each 


High Fire Ceramics, Stoneware, Engobe, Glaze

​Size - 24cm (H) x 30cm (L)



Marie Långhans from Sweden works with ceramic sculptures, paintings, drawings and public artwork. Långhans’ art is an interplay between seriousness and humour where the expressions of her artwork is center stage. Her work evokes instant emotions with the audience and leaves room for further reflection and enjoyment for the viewer to discover new meanings in the art.

Långhans explains, “There is a pictorial mind-set behind my sculptures but I never know the end result beforehand. The potter’s wheel is the starting point for my work and the sculptures take shape and come to life during the work process. Every sculpture has its own personality and expression. I see myself as much as a viewer of my own artwork as the audience. As for my drawings and paintings, I use music to set the tone for the rhythm for my work and use this force to express vigour, dance and depth. I create individual artworks and none of my artworks are ever the same“.

“The Choir” has become something of a signature art form for Långhans. She started making these ceramic stoneware singing faces in 1984 and they are still in high demand. “The Choir” is a fitting art form for collections indoor, outdoor and in public locations. Långhans’ stoneware sculpture collection ‘Hogs & Cods’ portrays injustices of people and animals in the world. ‘Hogs & Cods’ sculptures symbolise people who are greedy and exercise power abuse in society against other people or in the form of exploitation of animals and the environment we live in. For Långhans, animal welfare and human rights is something close to her heart and is her inspiration for this collection. The humour shines through in her art, especially when observing them in a group as it creates interesting relationships between the individual pieces in the viewer’s mind. Marie uses engobe and glaze as a colourful touch to her sculptures.

Långhans graduated at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm 1983. Since then, she has worked as an artist based on an island in Finland before returning to Sweden a few years ago. Her works have been included in Avesta Art international exhibition 2010 in Sweden among many other exhibitions. Other international exhibitions of her work include Devonish Art Gallery in Anguilla, Caribbean and the City Hall in Kessel, Germany. Långhans’ public artworks can be seen in various parks, hospitals, schools, orphanages, concert and city halls in Sweden and Finland.

Långhans lives in her home city Västerås, Sweden. She operates from her unique Studio located atop the city’s water tower and is represented by Art Affairs, Hong Kong.