LAGOM means enough, sufficient, adequate, just right. This is our belief  - ENOUGH IS AS GOOD AS A FEAST. We have the same attitude when choosing our Scandinavian home decorations. 

We, Lars (Swedish) & Hilda (native Hong Kong) have been working with European customers for many years. While we travel around in Europe, we find many interesting, beautiful home decorations which may not be found in Hong Kong. We hope that LAGOM, our shop can be a stage for these nice pieces & we can help them to find their home. 

You can find them in this website.

店名LAGOM是瑞典文, 意思就跟我們的中庸之道相近, 不太多不太少, 剛好. 這就是我們的經營及採購理念.
我們, Lars (瑞典人) & Hilda (地道香港人)從事出口歐洲貿易多年, 每當我們在歐洲閒逛時, 常會遇見有趣的, 漂亮的家居裝飾品, 但他們還未有機會在香港出現, 希望小店, LAGOM, 能為它們提供一個表演舞台, 使之能展現於愛好者的眼前

LAGOM just the right blend of scandinavia

Now, you can find us in Sverige Shoppen (Sweden Shop) at Star House, Tsim Sha Tsui 

Unit 523, 5/F Star House, 3 Salisbury Road, Tsim Shai Tsui

現在可在尖沙咀星光行 看到摸到我們的貨品, 詳細地址如下

尖沙咀梳士巴利道3號, 星光行5字樓523室

opening hours 10:00 to 20:00

tel - 852-23121919

Please drop by if you are around & especially when you plan to do your Christmas shopping. 

We have some Christmas decorations at the page of 'NEW'. Have a look !!!

OR you can contact us via our email

OR Facebook messenger at our Facebook page LAGOM JUST THE RIGHT BLEND OF SSCANDINAVIA

歡迎隨時到訪, 請加進你的聖誕購物行程中, 因我們有漂亮別緻的聖誕裝飾

請瀏覽頁面 'NEW'

若你對那件貨品有興趣, 亦可以電郵 或 Facebook messenger 跟我聯絡, 我們的 Facebook page 是 LAGOM JUST THE RIGHT BLEND OF SCANDINAVIA.